Sandport BeerWins Gold Medal in Asia Beer Awards & Cerevisia gets mentioned in National Geographic’s Atlas of Beer

It has been an interesting week for the Cambodian craft bar scene. First Cerevisia Craft Brewery got featured in National Geographic’s Atlas of Beer, then Sandport Beer won a gold medal in Asia Beer Awards for their Broken Sword Imperial Red Ale (Amber Ale). You might be wondering why I’m talking about Sandport here, which is actually a Thai craft […]

Craft Liquor In Cambodia

Sometimes pure rice wine is vile. I’ve had my spells drinking that stuff, although I can drink it, I’m definitely getting more reluctant to drink it for each year that goes by. Even the other local spirits are getting boring, but who wants to drink import alcohol all the time? Luckily there’s some craft liquor in Cambodia you might find […]

Best Craft Beer Bars in Phnom Penh

Today we’re looking a bit into what the situation with craft beer in Phnom Penh is really like. Although a lot of us like a night out at a typical beer garden or Khmer pub, sometimes you want to have great beer in a different environment. It’s, however, not always that easy to find these cool and hip drinking establishments […]