Welcome to Craft, the newest craft beer bar in Phnom Penh! They offer a wide selection of delicious craft beers, all brewed right here in Cambodia. Whether you’re a fan of IPA, stout, or something else entirely, they’ve got something for everyone.

In addition to their excellent craft beer selection, they also offer a full menu of American-style barbeque favorites. Their ribs are smoked to perfection, and their pulled pork is mouth-wateringly tender. They’ve also got plenty of sides to choose from, so you can make a meal out of it if you’re feeling hungry.

Craft believes that beer should be enjoyed by everyone, so they’ve made sure to create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere at their bar. Stop by and try one of their many craft beers today! Cheers!

Oh, and we forgot, it’s run by the same people that own the brewery Fuzzy Logic.

Location: Palace Lane, Street 244, not too far from The Box Office.