Hops Brewery & Craft Beer Bar Logo

Hops Brewery & Craft Beer Garden is a Cambodian Craft Beer brewery & beer garden focusing on German beers. All their ingredients are imported from Germany and their beers can only be found at their bar, as in no other Craft Beer Bars in Cambodia are selling them. At the moment, they offer following beers for lovers of Cambodian Craft Beers:

  • Gold Angel – A light beer that is something of a mix between a lager and a pilsner.
  • Amber Witch – A refreshing wheat beer
  • Red Fury – A full-bodied beer based on a recipe of an English stout, but is more likely a sort of Red Ale
  • Hops’ IPA – A dark-red India Pale Ale brewed with Cascade

Location: No. 17, Street 228, Phnom Penh

Phone: +855 23 217 039

Website: https://www.facebook.com/pg/hopsbeercambodia/